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SignRequest, a Dutch e-signature startup, has been acquired by Box. This acquisition will add native e-signature capability to Box. When the acquisition closes, SignRequest will become Box Sign. In the meantime, Box will keep its staff in the Netherlands net worth.

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SignRequest is a Dutch e-signature startup

SignRequest is a Dutch eSignature startup that aims to make the process of document signing faster and easier. Its user interface is good and the company positions itself as the future of time-saving legal documents. Its technology can cut out the printing, scanning, and sending of documents. The company is addressing the growing need for esignature services across different industries. However, it still needs to improve its user experience, including multiple login options and the retrieval of documents.

SignRequest was founded in 2014, but it is not clear whether it raised any funding. It does integrate with several software applications, including Box, Google Drive, Zapier, and Salesforce. The company says it focuses on the legal industry, but it also offers a free version of its software for individuals and businesses. Users can also log in with their Facebook and Google accounts. The company says it is free to use in 95% of cases, and the service is free for users.

SignRequest’s app features a customizable, cloud-based eSignature solution that allows users to sign documents from anywhere. It also offers collaborative tools, branding customization options, personalized thank-you pages, and multiple automation and integration capabilities. The downside is that it is only available on web browsers, so users must use an Incognito window to change their password.

SignRequest’s eSignature solution is designed to be as secure as possible. With its 256-bit SSL encryption, SignRequest provides high-security, legally binding e-signatures. The company uses AWS servers in Dublin to protect data and is GDPR compliant. It also provides a tamper-evident audit trail.

Box is acquiring SignRequest

In a move to expand its cloud-based software suite, Box is acquiring SignRequest. The acquisition will make SignRequest a wholly-owned subsidiary of the cloud management giant. The company’s team will be joining Box and starting work on developing Box Sign. Both companies will remain headquartered in the Netherlands.

With the acquisition, Box will be able to offer a complete e-signature solution, natively integrated into its content management platform. This move will make Box a one-stop-shop for business content management. The e-signature service will be available for all Box business and enterprise customers.

The acquisition comes at a crucial time for Box, which is transitioning from an online file-storage company to a cloud-based content management platform for the enterprise worldnewsfact. The acquisition of SignRequest and the launch of a new e-signature product will play directly into this transition strategy. This acquisition is also a significant boost to Box’s broader ambitions in content management.

SignRequest was founded in 2014 and has grown to become a popular e-signature service in Europe. It also has several integrations with other tools. Its technology will be used to provide an e-signature feature in Box Sign. While many of its features will be available free of charge, additional features will cost extra.

Box Sign will be a native e-signature capability within Box

SignRequest, a Dutch startup founded in 2014, has acquired Box in a move to expand its e-signature capabilities. SignRequest is expected to be an integral part of Box’s future product portfolio. The company is focused on the digital transformation of contracting. Its platform allows companies to affix an e-signature directly to contracts and send them for signature. It is the world’s #1 Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.

Box has made the decision to expand its business into the e-signature space by purchasing Dutch e-signature startup SignRequest in a $55 million deal. It has previously offered e-signature functionality via third-party integrations, but with the acquisition, Box will be able to offer native e-signature support.

Signing documents with Box has become a natural extension of the collaboration process in Box. Users can now sign documents in over 20 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. This functionality is available for customers on the Business and Enterprise plans.

SignRequest is a cloud-based e-signature solution. Box acquired SignRequest for $55 million to add an e-signature component to its content cloud. The new e-signature solution will be called Box 52av.

Box Sign will allow users to secure and compliant signatures and manage the entire signing process within Box. The service also supports 40 file types and complex workflows. It also offers a centralized governance policy to help organizations manage the process. It also supports e-signature capabilities for document library applications.

Box Sign will be a native e-signatures capability travelnowworld within Box, and will be available to Box Business and Enterprise customers for free. Box Business and Box Enterprise customers will have access to unlimited number of signed documents and the ability to send signature requests to non-Box users. The e-signature platform will feature templates for common documents, security controls, bulk actions, and self-service signature workflows.

Expected closing date of acquisition

SignRequest is an e-signature startup that was founded in Amsterdam in 2014. The company offers integration with enterprise tools such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Zapier, and Dropbox. Dropbox recently entered the e-signature market with the acquisition of HelloSign, a competitor to SignRequest. The acquisition is expected to integrate SignRequest’s technology within Box. Box is planning to make the acquisition a fully consolidated platform that serves existing as well as new users.

The acquisition of SignRequest will be significant to Box’s future e-signature product offerings. Box plans to launch Box Sign soon after the SignRequest acquisition is complete. It plans to hire SignRequest employees and integrate the service with Box’s existing services. Box travellworldnow expects the e-signature market to continue to grow.

As a result of the acquisition, Box has expanded its product offerings, including Box Sign, an e-signature platform. This new product will allow Box customers to digitize and modernize work processes. It will allow customers to securely manage agreements in Box’s content cloud.


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